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Welcome to the Moggery Cat and Kitten Rehoming Centre
Registered Charity No 1070330
The MoggeryThe MoggeryThe MoggeryThe Moggery


The Moggery Rehoming Centre in Bishopston, Bristol opened its doors in 1997. Since then approximately 250 cats and kittens each year have been admitted, rehabilitated and placed in caring new homes.

The Moggery aims to provide an all round solution for local cat problems. This may involve actions as diverse as finding a new home for the loved pet of an elderly local resident entering a nursing home, trapping and neutering a feral colony, bottle feeding abandoned kittens or caring for the many cats left behind by tenants each year in the Bristol area.

The Moggery is staffed entirely by volunteers who work tirelessly to feed and clean the cats in care and to raise funds to enable us to continue our work.

100 % of donations received is used for the welfare of our cats in care.

You can now donate to the moggery on-line via our new donations page





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The Moggery
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